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At Atlantis Pool Shop, one of our vital services to ensure the safety

of your pool is free pool water testing.

Simply bring a sample of your pool water to our store

and we will test your water on our specialised testing equipment.

You’ll get an instant assessment of your pool water quality

along with advice on any treatment steps you need to take

to keep it in excellent condition.


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bringing pools back to life!

If you’ve skipped maintenance and your beautiful pool has turned green,

Atlantis Pool Services can help.

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Pool cleaning

has never been so easy!

Check out our Robotic Cleaners that effectively pay for themselves

with reduced energy consumption.

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Essential Pool Care Checklist for SE QLD La Niña Summer Storm Season, 2021-2022

In Queensland, storm season traditionally runs from October to March each year. However, it's the summer months when things really 'heat up", and storm season reaches its peak. During this time, the weather can rapidly transform from very hot dry conditions with a...

The advantages of using robotic pool cleaners

If you're a pool owner, you get to enjoy a great outdoor activity in your own backyard - and a healthy break away from the video game consoles, social media feeds and Netflix binge-watching. Among the advantages of having a pool are numerous health benefits, including...

What are the 5 main cover options for better pool efficiency?

If you're a home pool owner, fitting your pool with a cover is an excellent way to improve your pool efficiency when it's not in use. Pool covers are designed for a range of conditions and functions. They can be combined with other forms of pool equipment such as pool...

Swimming Pool Efficiency – Winter Maintenance Guide

Summer and swimming season is over and you're about to close your pool. But come spring, you might get a nasty surprise if you haven't prepared it for winter. To avoid disappointment and preventable pool expenses, you'll need to take certain maintenance steps to...

The Top 8 Benefits and Advantages of Pool Covers

If you are designing or accessorising your swimming pool, there are plenty of pool add-ons that will save you money, decrease your pool maintenance requirements and help the environment. You can modify or upgrade your pool with add-on options such as lighting,...

Is your pool ground zero for your neighbourhood’s latest mosquito infestation?

Mosquitoes can be so annoying! You've just sat back with friends on the patio to enjoy cool drinks at the end of a muggy day. Yet not long after, that familiar high-pitched, buzzing noise starts ringing in everyone's ears. Everybody appears unperturbed at first, but...

What are the health risks of poorly maintained swimming pool water?

The health risks for bathers in poorly maintained swimming pool water can be quite serious, especially for young children, seniors and people with weak immune systems. Potential health risks of low quality pool water may include bacterial infection, respiratory...

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Paul and the team are great! Have purchased a new Zodiac Ei2 saltwater chlorinator, Zodiac Robot Cleaner and a new glass filter. Prices are just as good as online and worth a call to check always. Warranty is also local which makes trouble shooting great. 

Luke De Landelles

Local Guide

Have been using Atlantis Pool Services for many years. Always great service in the store with knowledgeable people.
Have also had equipment replaced and get things serviced every year with no fuss and at a reasonable price.

David O

Local Guide

Top service as always! Great advice, these guys are not hard sell, but always there when we need them. No question stupid, no problem too small. ?

DavidMargaret ORR

Local Guide

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